Sylvia Adjabroux Artiste Peintre


Artiste Sylvia ADJABROUX

signed... S.A.B. on paintings,Bordeaux, affiliated to the house of Artists in France

After a few literary , my artistic career looming gradually, thanking my friends for philosophizing with as much passion in the Gallo-Roman city that gave me my most creations.

1984 Bordeaux Conservatoire Song under the direction Eliane Lavail
1987 C.A.P.C. Art classes at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux.
1990-1997 Cultural assistant of the Europe ONG Baikal Bordeaux
1995-2000 Studies and Diploma at the School of Egyptology in Paris Cheops.
2000 Début du parcours artistique: Choix d'expression, PEINTURE méthode Huile

The main material is oil, traditional Italian technique, ie, table frames, linen canvas, pigments, mediums without using glue rabbit. In the palette of shades, I do prism to explore the vibrant force within the field of color. I use the figurative and symbolic style for the ideas.

2000 1st Exhibition Palais des Festivals, Cannes, 2nd Symposium on Water. France
2001 solo and group exhibitions, historic Bordeaux
2002 GMAC Contemporary Art Big Market, Paris
2003 Group Exhibitions Saatchi Gallery London
2004 Musée des Vignes of Bordeaux
2005 Medal of Merit Award Premio Alba Ferrara Italy 2005 Italy
2005 Festival of Arts Bordeaux Quays
2005 Group Exhibition Hall Villenave d'Ornon
2006 Counter Culture Festival
2006 Diploma of Merit Castle Barroux
2007 3rd prize Sacred Arts Santarita Italy
2007 Festival Eysin'Art Aquitaine
2007 Chateau Palmer
2008 Collective exhibition Cenon Aquitaine
2009 Diploma of Merit Alba Italy Art Gallery Ferrara Italy
2010 Biennial 3000 Brazil
2010 Haiti Action Artists, Culture Ministry, Paris
2011 Philanthropic artistic project
2012 Arthema Aquitaine, Bordeaux
2013 Collective exhibition Santa Monica Californie..
2013 Les Hivernales Palais des expositions Montreuil

2014 poème haiku dans "THE LIGHT SINGING" Edition Emia
2013 collaboration artistique dans "Révélations sur l'Oreille", autoédition D.B.Vignal
2012 poésie + tableau dans Immagine et Poesia
2011 Edition Larousse Cotations Drouot Artists
2011 Catalog Drouot quotes
2010 Magazine Published Portraits of Artists
2010 Editions Ader Auction Catalogue
2010 Editions Catalogo delle quotazioni
2009 Alba International Enciclopedico Dizionario d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
2006 Enciclopedico Dizionario Internazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Alba
2006 Edition Catalogo delle Arti Santamaria
Arts Trail 2005 South West First Edition

Title: Associate Academician Section: ART Accademia GRECI-MARINO,
the Word, Literature, Science and Arts, Italy
Title: International Academy of Santa Rita ad honorem by orders
"Michelangelo Buonarroti." Italy

Membre d' IMMAGINE&POESIA , Torino, Italy

Créé avec Artmajeur